Connection Instructions

iPad2 Issues
Apple has removed the diversity antenna and the remaining antenna is located across the bottom narrow edge of the unit.  Most wifi implementations use vertically polarized antennas so your best connection is made when the unit is rotated into the landscape display mode and the antenna aligns with the access points.

Preferred Networks List
Windows XP wireless networking automatically roams to any network in your Preferred Networks list so you may unexpectedly lose your connection if you have other networks configured.

Open the wireless configuration icon from your system tray.
If you are not connected, you will see the “Choose Wireless Network” window where you should click “Change Advanced Settings” If you are already connected, you will see the “Wireless Network Connection Status” window and you should click “Properties”.
Click the “Wireless Networks” tab.
Remove all networks listed except for “catalinawifi”.

Antenna Location – Maintain line of site with the access point

  • The higher your antenna is located, the better your reception will be.
  • Do not use below the water line in a boat as water absorbs radio signals.
  • Vertical antennas (external, popup or notebook screen) work best.
  • “Hotspot” access is limited to the waterfront and areas near our antennas.  Homes generally require fixed installations by Catalina Broadband Solutions unless they are close to our antennas.

Finding the Network

  • Windows XP includes a “Wireless Zero Configuration” option in Service Pack 2.  A bubble in the system tray will indicate that wireless networks are available – you would click on the bubble and choose the “catalinawifi” network.  You must also confirm that the network is not encrypted.
  • All other versions of Windows require a wireless configuration utility specific to the wireless adapter to find and select the wireless network “catalinawifi” or to manually adjust hardware settings for SSID, speed, encryption, etc.  These settings are also found under the wireless adapter’s properties in “Network Connections” in the Control Panel.
  • Mac/OS only has a wireless status indicator on the top of the desktop where you can select a network and connect/disconnect.

Transmit speed

  • In all wireless communications, the general rule holds that the higher speed, the shorter the distance – you can greatly extend your range by lowering your your card’s transmit speed (Tx Rate) to 1 Mbps.
  • These settings are found in Windows under the wireless adapter’s properties. Open “Network Connections” in the Control Panel. Double click open the wireless network adapter, then click “Properties”, then click “Configure.”  The “Advanced” tab will contain all of the settings – Set “Tx Rate” to 1Mb – some drivers do not allow you to do this.
  • Mac/OS users generally do not have access to these settings and need to be physically close to an antenna for this service to work..

High power radio waves from marine radios and radars interfere with low power radios like cellular telephones and wireless networks.  Also the setting sun generates a lot of radio interference and slows the network.

Device Drivers
Hardware manufacturers are continually releasing updated device drivers to make their products work better.  A selection of updated device drivers are available here and may make your connection work better.

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